Who am I?

Hi, I'm Andrzej Krzywda

Software is eating the world. The programmers are the creators of the new world. They're often not aware of their role. In the past bugs didn't matter as much as they do now. Bugs can kill people and they will. Bugs come from many different reasons, but almost all of them are in the control of programmers. It's our choice to make bugs. Our - the programmers and the ecosystem around us. We can change it.

Sooner or later, the software world will be regulated by governments. I hate this, but in a way we're asking for it.

We introduce regressions to the software. Things which used to work now don't work. This breaks trust, this kills the cooperation with the business. I want to say NO to regressions. It's all under our control.

Developers are super-smart people. They can learn business/sales, if they want. It's up to them to decide. I believe that it's a good thing. I believe that it's faster to teach developers the business concepts than to teach business people how to code.
If the developers learn more about the business, then less meetings are needed, less bureaucracy, less agreements, less paper work.

I believe in business-full-stack developers - they know how the software can make money (or help in any other way) and they can implement all the layers for it.

Programmers are often lucky enough to choose their favourite lifestyle. Remote work and async collaboration make place and time less relevant. I personally create my lifestyle closer to nature - living in a small village, near forests and fields.

I'm a chess player. Chess taught me that my skills are developing for the whole life. It's the same as with programmers. We can't just stop after 5 years of the official education. I believe in ongoing education and I doubt that the current system of education makes much sense.

I serve the professional programmers. I help them become more professional with their skills. I help them understand business. I help them become business-full-stack developers. I help them become the responsible and happy creators of the world.

I do this by:
  • running a professional software agency - Arkency
  • writing books, blogs
  • speaking at conferences
  • teaching at universities and online
  • showing examples of good code
  • teaching how to turn bad code into a good one
  • recording videos
  • sharing good resources on twitter

Feel free to email me at: andrzejkrzywda@gmail.com

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