Wednesday, February 11, 2015

From Rails to JavaScript frontends

I've collected a number of my blog posts, which together may help you in the transition from Rails to JavaScript (or CoffeeScript) frontends. Many of the posts are about the mental transition you need to make along the way, while other posts are more technical.

I think it's best to read them in the order I put it here, as they present the road I took over the last 5 years.

1. Rails is not MVC

2. Frontend is a separate application

3. From backend to frontend, a mental transition

4. Is CoffeeScript better than Ruby?

5. JavaScript frontends are like desktop applications

6. Frontend first

7. Non-framework approach to JavaScript applications

8. Angular or Ember? Congratulations, you've already won

9. Single Page Applications - fight

10. Turn a Rails controller into a Single Page Application

11. How can Rails react to the rise of JavaScript frameworks?

12. Which JavaScript framework should I choose? (video)

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