Saturday, February 23, 2013

Angular or Ember? Congratulations, you've already won.

At the wrocloverb conference we've decided to have a Single Page Applications "fight". (The format of fight worked pretty well last year for the JRuby vs Rubinius battle).

We're having Ember, angular, Backbone and hexagonaljs representatives. As I'm representing the last one, during the last few days, I've did more research on the other alternatives.

There are huge differences between all the choices. Some of the frameworks are like Rails, some are more like Sinatra. Hexagonaljs is not even a framework.

I have been making notes on the differences, collected jokes on each of the opponents. It's going to be a great fight :)


I realised one thing. If you're wondering which of the frameworks, non-frameworks to choose, you have already won. You are already in the world of Single Page Applications. There's no wrong choice in here. You will be fine with any of the frameworks.

There's a warning, though. I know many people who entered this world and they don't want to come back to the non-SPA reality.

Congratulations, that was a good choice!


pmulder said...

True! It was actually your blog that I first came across the term "single-page application". Thanks for this!

Andrzej Krzywda said...

pmulder: Thank you!

a user said...

Hi Andrzej,

The non-framework approach is very interesting indeed althouth I've been tied to various SPA frameworks since aboout 2 and a half years. Thanks for sharing, I'm now refactoing project doing it the hexagonaljs way to compare it with the framework dependent version ... so far so good