Monday, May 28, 2007

Selenium on Rails in 5 minutes

Selenium is a very good framework for testing web applications. It's an ideal tool to use when you want to test your Rails apps from a user perspective. There is a Selenium on Rails plugin that simplifies creating and running Selenium tests.

Step 1. Create a Rails app and install the Selenium on Rails plugin

rails selenium_rocks
cd selenium_rocks
script/plugin install

(it may take a while)

Step 2. Configuration
Create vendor/plugins/selenium-on-rails/config.yml file and paste the following:

- test
safari: '/Applications/'
#firefox: 'c:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe'
#ie: 'c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe'

Change the browser path to point to your browser.

Step 3. Create a Selenium test

script/generate selenium welcome_page_test

Edit test/selenium/welcome_page_test.sel. Replace the existing content with the following:

open '/'
assert_title 'Ruby on Rails: Welcome aboard'

Step 4. Start the server in a test environment
run in a new terminal:

script/server -e test

Step 5. Run the Selenium test

rake test:acceptance

You should see the following output:

1 tests passed, 0 tests failed


More information:
Selenium On Rails website
Full-stack Web App Testing with Selenium and Rails (RailsConf 2007)

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mc1 said...


I agree Selenium on Rails make testing webapps dead easy. I spent a few hours to create automated tests for the features on my site, and now I run it before every release. There's also Selenium IDE for firefox which is a GUI for cranking out simple Selenium tests. Most test cases can be done without any code.