Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How to download a web page using IronPython

Downloading a web page is a common programming task. Here are two snippets of code that show how to do it with IronPython. The code was tested on Windows and Mac (with Mono).

Using the WebClient class

from System.Net import WebClient
dataStream = WebClient().OpenRead('')
from System.IO import StreamReader
reader = StreamReader(dataStream)
result = reader.ReadToEnd()
print result

Using the WebRequest and WebResponse classes

from System.Net import WebRequest
request = WebRequest.Create("")
response = request.GetResponse()
responseStream = response.GetResponseStream()
from System.IO import StreamReader
result = StreamReader(responseStream).ReadToEnd()
print result


Anonymous said...

Seems rather more complex than:

import urllib
content = urllib.urlopen("").read()
print content

I think the above code should work on any python implementation. Not sure why you are using the .NET libraries (unless IronPython doesn't have urllib?).

Andrzej Krzywda said...


Unfortunately, the code you pasted doesn't work with IronPython. Urllib2 is also not supported in the official release of IronPython (lack of the md5 module).

Michael Foord said...

I think MD5 is now a built in in IronPython.

The problem is more that urllib2 uses some 'undocumented' attributes of sockets that weren't implemented in IronPython.

This will be fixed, but in the meantime using the .NET classes is easy enough.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I haven't been following IronPython that closely. Good info to remember if I try it in the future.

I noticed both of you mentioned urllib2, but I wonder if urllib (no 2) might work since I think its simpler than urllib2.

Michael Foord said...

No - I'm pretty sure that because of problems with sockets that both urllib2 and urllib are broken in IronPython.

There is a fix in FePy, so it might be worth trying that. The problems are recorded as IronPython bugs on Codeplex and so they will get fixed eventually.

In the meantime, using the .NET classes is not quite so nice - but works fine.

Anonymous said...

I think the moral of the post is to just stick with CPython.

Andrzej Krzywda said...


Yes, if you don't need .Net then it's better to stick with CPython.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late to the discussion but the .NET code can be simplified as:

content = WebClient().DownloadString("")

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