Monday, August 27, 2012

Rails legacy applications

The topic of Rails legacy applications is becoming more popular recently.

We, at Arkency, sometimes receive questions whether we can take control over an existing application. It's never an easy decision.

Legacy apps contain legacy bugs, which can quickly become "our" bugs. They often have no tests, or just failing tests. If you're very unlucky, you can find some really shitty code.

What's the reward?

This is a story of one such project. We can proudly say that we successfully fixed the mess, not only that, we also created some beauty on top of that.

Let me just say that it was such a pleasant experience that we decided that Arkency should do more such projects.

Challenge accepted! We're looking for more such challenges, email me if you have an old Rails app that needs to be fixed.

Read the slides of Michał Łomnicki to learn the details.

Having fun with legacy apps from Michał Łomnicki

Thanks to Michał and Paweł Pacana for the awesome work!

Let me know if you want to learn more about what we did and I will convince Michal to blog about it :)


Anonymous said...

So... SPA is the solution. What does SPA stand for again?

Andrzej Krzywda said...

Oh yeah, it's not explained anywhere ;)

Single Page Application

Anonymous said...


do us the big favor, switch completly to NodeJS and leave us in ruby land alone.
Then you can code all day long in your beloved coffee script and we don't need to read such crap like 'the rails way is legacy'.
In 10 years, when you've grown up, you can take a look back and shake your head about the young man who confused a fad with the future.
I'm doing software development for 30 years, with various languages and infrastructure and I can tell you that thinking moving nearly all logic to the client is the best since sliced bread is just hilarious.