Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Remote company - my talk at the 4developers conference

Remote work and remote collaboration are topics that I have experience with for 5 years now.

During that time I started Arkency, the Ruby consulting company that I'm really proud of. There are now 9 Ruby experts in the team and most of the time we collaborate remotely, even though most of us are based in the same city (the beautiful Wrocław, Poland) where we have an office.

Together with my business partners I also started GameBoxed, a company focused on building and selling social games for brands. There are 6 developers in the IT team, but here we also have sales, marketing, design and support teams. Most of the collaboration is done remotely, even though we do have offices in Wrocław and in Warsaw.

Remote collaboration is not a piece of cake. We made some mistakes along the way and we learnt our lessons. There are however huge gains in this way of working, if it's done right.

I want to share the lessons with you. I will be speaking about this topic at the 4developers conference in Poznan, 17-18 April.