Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Story Driven Development

If you are interested in testing and the TDD/BDD movements, then you may find Bryan Helmkamp presentation on "Story Driven Development" worth watching. Bryan explains the differences between unit testing and scenarios. He also shows Webrat, a tool he works on, which makes defining stories in Rails apps very easy.

I like the title that Bryan has chosen for the talk. The name "Story Driven Development" makes it clear that it's a lot about defining requirements, and not only about testing. Additionally, I think it's clear that it focuses on the acceptance level of tests without mentioning unit tests.

He also provides a quote from Robert Martin:

Unit tests: “Make sure you write the code right.”
Scenarios: “Make sure you write the right code.”

You can watch the slides here, or grab the PDF version (which has correct code examples).

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