Friday, December 7, 2007

Redirecting nginx to Tomcat.

I've got a JRuby on Rails application which is deployed on a Tomcat server. My Http server of choice is nginx. I wanted nginx to redirect one of my domains to the JRuby application. The default port that Tomcat listens on is 8080.

The following nginx configuration snippet solves this problem:

server {
location / {

BTW, I never thought that my (basic) Russian language skills will be useful in my IT career. Most of the nginx related blog posts I found are in Russian language!


mileszs said...

I imagine you would be a hero if you were willing to translate some of the more helpful blog posts! I know I would be excited. I'm sure you would, of course, have to get permission from each blogger.

It seems as though it would be very helpful.

Andrzej Krzywda said...

Hey miles,

Sounds like a good idea!

Next time I find a Russian blog post that helps me I will ask for permissions to translate.