Monday, April 16, 2007

RuPy 2007

  • A well-organized conference
  • It was interesting to meet so many "dynamic" people
  • Many Ruby people attended Python talks and vice-versa
  • Maybe instead of having two separate sessions it would be better to have one with shorter talks?
  • Poznan is a very nice city, almost as nice as Wroclaw :)
  • The quote of the conference:
    • "Look, all of the Ruby people have Macs!"
    • "Yeah, they are better paid..."

Christopher Arndt talk on TurboGears
  • TG is very similar to Rails
  • TG has support for testing, unfortunately it wasn't shown during the talk
  • as with all (?) Python web frameworks, you can't use Python for implementing views
  • it's better with Rails, that you don't have to change the language for your views
  • It uses SqlObject which is ok, but doesn't give you the same level of abstraction as SQLAlchemy (ActiverRecord-like ORM library) does
  • They want to switch to SQLAlchemy soon, cool!
Ruby/Rails tools that help
  • by Cloves Carneiro Jr.
  • a very good presentation
  • the speaker is a good example of a happy Rails programmer ;-)
  • I was already familiar with all of the tools, but I learnt some details
  • Capistrano
  • Rake
  • Subversion
  • autotest (zentest)
    • perfect integration with growl notifier, very cool!
  • rcov
  • TextMate talk
  • as far as I know is the biggest Django application in the world
  • many performance challenges
  • "Share nothing" architecture
  • Lots of caching
  • The first version was in Java - "unmantainable", switched to Python
  • not many tests
  • experiments with WSGI tests
  • they use an old Django version, can't take advantage of new features (testing support)
  • a nice introduction to RadiantCMS
  • it has a good system of extensions
  • it's a Rails application, so you can easily extend it with your models/controllers
  • there is a wysiwyg plugin

Domain specific languages with Ruby by Jan Szumiec
  • Jan presented a very agile way of creating a valid DSL
  • The pair programming part (with Olle Jonsson) was very funny :)

Developing with IronPython and Windows Forms by us (Michael Foord and Andrzej Krzywda)
  • The talk was a little bit too long (90 minutes)
  • I enjoy coding live :)


Chris Arndt said...

Hi Andrzej, two comments:

1) TG actually already works with SQLAlchemy, it's just not the standard in TG 1..0.x, and some tools do not work with it yet.

2) As a Python rake equivalent, have you looked at Scons? Apart from that, distutils already has support for many of the tasks for which you would need rake in Ruby, e.g compiling C extensions, declaring dependencies, etc.


Łukasz said...

One of the temmplating system with standard Python syntax is Myghty (and it's successor Mako). This is standard component in Pylons framework.

PS. I liked Your live TDD example.